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Episode 9:  “Gift Giving At It’s Best”

Nourishing your soul by bringing you your weekly dose of information, tips and tricks to become your best version of yourself.

Want to give your best this holiday season? What about giving with your soul? Well, check out this episode as we dive into the many ways you can give with your soul to care for those you love the most including yourself! This episode is filled with many ideas and stories to boost your creative minds about gift-giving this season! Sit back and enjoy it!

"Soul Care through the Senses" holiday gifts

To support you in your Soul Care this season, Beth and Brandy will be talking about gift giving that is good for the soul on the podcast. Additionally, Rita Funk, ACSW, SoCal’s Party Planning Diva, along with and Beth Jakubanis, LCSW have compiled a list of Soul Care based gifts. These gifts can be used to share Soul Care with yourself, friends, loved ones, or all the above!!! Read on to find your perfect Soul Care gift!!!

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