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Episode 8:  “Learning to Love what is Good for You!!!”

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Jade Jenise Dixon

In this episode we feature Director Jade Jenise Dixon who has written the movie Peony Park, a biopic that follow’s her journey of self-discovery as she comes to embrace healing through the concept of “I am enough.”

Jade Jenise Dixon who describes herself as an “actor’s director.” Actors enjoy working with Ms. Dixon because Jade’s experience as an actress herself affords her an acute sensitivity to the craft. And now that Jade is behind the camera, she is making leaps and strides. Her short film, Sunrise recently won “Best Spiritual Film” at the Olympus Film Festival in Hollywood is a Finalist in the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico and is now on the Film Festival trail.

It all started with Jade’s first feature film as writer/ director, TRUTH HALL. Once she stepped behind the camera to helm this passion project, Jade never looked back. The film won five film festival awards and was an official selection of several festivals including American Black Film Festival, UrbanWorld and Big Bear. Ultimately, TRUTH HALL aired on the BET network in heavy rotation and received distribution from Image Entertainment/ RLJ.

Jade’s most recent feature film, Dog Park, won “Best Ensemble Cast” at the DTLA Film Festival in Downtown Los Angeles and has been a meaningful accomplishment for Jade since many female directors rarely make a second feature film.

Jade is now poised to direct Peony Park, a biopic of her own life story.

If you would like to invest in or donate to Peony Park contact Jade at

Jade Recommends Reading

The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us
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Jade's Films

Truth Hall

Truth Hall

Riskier and more provocative than Waiting to Exhale, TRUTH HALL examines the bonds of friendship linking a group of African-American women who were inseparable in college. But now, years after graduation, they reunite for a wedding and find that they have drifted apart.

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Dog Park

Dog Park

Dog Park, is a Romantic Comedy about a successful businessman, Nick, who uses his ex-girlfriend's dog, Maxx, to pick up the ladies ... only he doesn't disclose one fact: Maxx is not his dog.

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Jade's Director Reel

Jade's Current Project: "Peony Park"

In this coming of age film, Niecey pursues love in all the wrong places until she finally discovers it in a place she never knew to look: herself. This film strives to break the cycle of childhood trauma by creating a path to healing and forgiveness.

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